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Wilson 801245 SOHO RV Kit

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Quick Overview

The 801245 SOHO RV Kit is a dual band amplifier suited for use in an RV. The kit is configurable with a variety of antenna and cable options. With all options it includes everything you need to improve signal.

See below for recommendations.
Wilson 801245 SOHO RV Kit

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The Wilson 801245 amplifier is a dual band amplifier which covers all US networks except Nextel. When purchased as a complete kit it can provide improved signal for your RV or motorhome. For kits for home/office see our Large Building Kits.

The amplifier is sold here as a complete kit, with all the antennas and cables you need to boost signal in your home/office. You can customize the kit by changing both antennas and cable lengths to suit your needs.

How it works:

The outside antenna is attached to the outside of your RV. It collects signal and sends it through a cable to the amplifier. The SOHO amplifier boosts the signal, and then sends the boosted signal through a cable to the inside antenna. This provides an area of improved signal, that can be used by up to 15 phones or data cards simultaneously.

Kit recommendations:

Outside antenna:
You have a choice of 3 antennas. We have 2 antennas with a standard CB 3/8 inch x 24 thread mount. - the 'Trucker' antenna and the spring mounted antenna.
The Trucker antenna is 32" high, and its height means it often clears obstructions and receives strong signal.
The Spring Mount antenna is 21" high, and can absorb mild impact due to its spring mount. Both of these antennas can also be mounted to a horizontal bar (e.g. a ladder) with the optional 901104 mount (see below).
The Magnetic Mount antenna mounts to any metal surface, and is 12" high.
All antennas have the same gain, and come with 12ft of cable to run to the amplifier. You can extend this using one of the extension cables.

Cable lengths:
You need 2 cable lengths - external antenna to amplifier and amplifier to internal antenna. Use whatever cable lengths you need to make the kit work. Remember that coaxial cable attenuates the signal, so try to use as little as possible.

Optional accessories:
The amplifier comes with an AC power adapter. If required there is an in-car cigarette charger or hardwire kit for more permanent installations. The 901104 allows the Trucker or Spring Mount antenna to be attached to a horizontal bar (e.g a rear ladder). The 901123 is a casing to allow you to recess the internal panel antenna in to a wall. This makes the antenna flush with the wall.

Additional Information

SKU 801245RV
Frequency Dual Band
Max coverage area 2,500 sq ft
Type Wireless
Gain (up / down) 50dB / 50dB
Impedance 50 ohm
Linear Output Power (up / down) +30dBm / +30dBm
Noise figure 3 dB / 4 dB nominal
Power Requirements 120V AC, 3A max
Frequency detail 824 - 849 MHz / 869 - 894 MHz and 1850 - 1910 MHz / 1930 - 1990 MHz
UPC Code 813986004944
Instruction Manual Instruction Manual (PDF)

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